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Perfecting Beauty & Co.

PERFECTING BEAUTY & Co. began as a vision. With over ten years of experience in the beauty industry and a passion for providing a superior service, our founder Julissa Andara set out to create a modern beauty studio devoted to provide strictly professional and dedicated beauty services.

Our founder's passionate endeavors in the industry encouraged her to expand her previous studio in order to accommodate her already growing clientele.


Committed to developing a physical space as deluxe and innovative as the service itself, being both an Architect and a Makeup Artist, she then engaged in bringing the concept to life ...


and so, PERFECTING BEAUTY & Co. was born.


Ambiance & Amenities

From the moment you walk in, you will notice that this is not a typical beauty salon or makeup studio.


The beautifully designed studio is an exclusive, private place and it is wonderful to sit, relax and enjoy being pampered. It is fully equipped with professional studio lighting and is tastefully decorated, which makes it the perfect backdrop for photos and video of the Bride's preparation.

Inside the studio you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city's landscape, it's interior boasts an attraction; modern and exclusive, designed by our founder, where her passion for architecture and makeup come together in perfect form and function.

We are located within one of the most exclusive and modern commercial towers in the city, it is easily accessible, 24/7 security, a central plaza, several cafes and shops, 5 parking levels, electricity generating plant and all the required security measures in case of emergencies.


It is truly a "must try" experience,

we take beauty to another level, it's a Beauty High!


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