Perfecting Beauty & Co. reserves the right not to accept appointments made through the website. Also, in those cases where the client has NOT put down a deposit to secure an appointment, Perfecting Beauty & Co. reserves the right to modify the schedule without liability. Please take note that Bridal appointments will have priority over Special Events appointments. 


Perfecting Beauty & Co. services are offered by appointment only. It is highly recommended to schedule and book your appointment well in advance. We do not accept walk-ins (customers without an appointment), is not suitable as our availability is subject to our scheduled agenda. Please be sure to book the right service. We reserve the right not to accept appoinments on a short notice, or additional services at the time of the appointment. 



All rates are subject to change without notice. Prices may vary depending on the specific characteristics of each service. 



There are no refunds in deposits paid toward a Bridal or Special Events Booking. We as vendors block out a certain amount of time/days toward each booking, preventing others from taking your blocked time. Because of this courtesy, canceling the booking will result in forfeiture of moneys paid. All additional terms will be laid out clearly on the Bridal Contract provided. This includes no-shows and missed appointments, with or without completed service.



If the time in your schedule is critical on any given day, please make us aware of your time in order to schedule your appointment accordingly. Program a minimum of 45-60 mins for your makeup and an additional 45-60 mins for your hair (depending on the desired look). Brides, please schedule a minimum of 60-90 mins for makeup and an additional 60-90 mins for your hair. Let's say your party starts at 7pm, please do not make a 6pm appointment because there may be delays in our day and be aware you might be late. As much as we strive to avoid delays, people do run late, some clients take longer, and we do our best to work on schedule; but we can't control people.



All bookings for proms are made on a “first come, first pay, first pick, first served” basis. No dates will be “held” without a non-refundable & non-transferable deposit of 50% of the total value of all booked services.


To book your wedding date, a provided service contract (outlining all details) must be signed and submitted with a non-refundable 50% deposit. Your date cannot be reserved without deposit payment (non-refundable & non-transferable). This deposit is deducted from your balance on the day of the event. 



It is required of all customers to arrive with a clean face (without makeup) the day of your appointment. WITHIN ONE WEEK OF YOUR APPOINTMENT PLEASE DO NOT HAVE ANY TYPE OF FACIAL TREATMENTS, SUCH AS; FACIALS, THREADING, OR WAXING. 



A blowout is not included in any hairstyling services (such as bridal or non-bridal hair styling appointments), so please arrive with 100% dry hair for all appointments! If hair is damp, you will run the risk of not receiving the scheduled service or a blowdry fee will be added to your service!


Perfecting Beauty & Co. will charge $10 to clients with "sewn-in" and "clip-in" extensions. Why the fee? We simply must account for the extra time clip-in and sewn-in extensions take to style. While we happily service clients with extensions, We are not responsible for extensions that come loose or are damaged during the styling process. We recognize that extensions are expensive and delicate; we will be as careful as possible in handling them, however we simply cannot assume responsibility if they come out or are damaged as a result of a Perfecting Beauty & Co. service.


Perfecting Beauty & Co. firmly believe in the value of your time and ours, a conscious effort is made to avoid long waiting  periods in the studio, that's why we serve by appointment only. To ensure a QUALITY service and of your satisfaction, PUNCTUALITY is highly requested, to not affect other customer's scheduled time slot. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, that way you will not run the risk of a cancellation or rescheduling. ALL late arrivals will be CANCELLED after 10 minutes with an option for rescheduling if there is availability in my schedule. 



Should your appointment be rescheduled because of a late arrival, Perfecting Beauty & Co. reserves the right not to accept such reprogramming. We will make an effort to accommodate your appointment according to our availability. If your time is limited, you will run the risk of not receiving the full service (less detail) and the service will be charged at the original price. 



As a courtesy a 24-48 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment. In case you forget to cancel or fail to attend to your appointmet you will be charged a 50% surcharge of your scheduled service at the next appointment. Deposit payments are non-refundable & non-transferable. “NO SHOWS” will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount. Multiple services not cancelled 24 hours in advance or multiple "NO SHOWS" will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount, and will be required to pay for future appointments in full. 

Perfecting Beauty
 & Co. stands by our policies, we feel that it is only fair that we honor the same policies to our clients, if in any reason the studio has to cancel on a client less than 24 hours of the appointment scheduled; we will honor 50% off on your next service. But, if the cancellation is due to situations that are out of our hands such as power outage, unfortunate incidence, etc that requires the studio to be closed during regular business hours, we would gladly reschedule your appointment. The 50% discount will not apply.



As a courtesy Perfecting Beauty & Co. tries to confirm your appointment via phone, sms or email 1-2 days prior to your appointment. However, if we can't reach you, please schedule the date and time of your appointment to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments, and surcharges. 



For on location events in Tegucigalpa, a surcharge of 35% will be charged extra to the total value of all booked services. We require a booking of 10 as a minimum. 


For out of area events, we simply require our average daily wages to be met in order for us to accept, for each day that we are required to be gone from the studio to cover losses a surcharge of 50% will be charged to the total value of all booked services. For areas that require travel, transportation such as airfare, room and board fees must also be covered in addition to minimum daily wages. For out of area events or events where Perfecting Beauty & Co. is needed on location, acceptance will depend upon our availability and discretion.



If you want service before 8am a surcharge of 15% will be charged to the total of all booked services.



As a courtesy to other clients in the studio and in our effort to offer a relaxed and professional atmosphere we kindly ask you to refrain from bringing children to your appointment, unless they are being served. 



Unfortunately we DO NOT accept American Express. Only accept Visa, MasterCard or Cash. No checks will be accepted. Full payment of fees for services rendered are expected at the end of the same. No credit is given. Given that all services are priced individually, please request a total price before you receive services.

Service Policies

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