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Book in advance and schedule a time that is good for you.

Check our availability for your special day or event and send in a booking request. 

If the time slot you are interested in booking is not available please feel free to

email us at to get on our wait list

or check periodically as cancellations do occur and our calendar is automatically updated. 

Contact us directly if you need to book an appointment outside of our regular business hours. 

Check out the Booking Tutorial Video Below

Requesting your appointment is not a guarantee until you receive a confirmation email from us that your request has been accepted.

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* All rates are subject to change without notice. Prices may vary depending on the specific characteristics of each service. The official exchange rate of the day will be applied..

Please note, rates reflect an industry standard for the level of service and expertise provided, high quality of cosmetics, skincare, tools and hygiene practices.


Before your Makeup & Hair Appointment

It is required of all customers to arrive with a clean (without makeup) and lightly moisturized skin the day of your appointment.  


Within one week of your appointment, please DO NOT have any type of facial treatments done, such as;  Facials, Threading, or Waxing. 

SOFTLY exfoliate your face the night before with a mixture of baking soda and water or your favorite exfoliator. Your makeup will look a lot more flawless and it's application will be easier and more uniform in a face with a good skin care routine, remember your face is my canvas, and the care you give it will affect your makeup's  final result.


Bring with you images of the Makeup  desired. Images will be used as a guideline, to better understand the desired style, Remember you have to take into account your skin type, structure, age and your personality.

It is required of all customers to arrive with clean hair, 100% dry and ready to be worked on before the start time of your appointment. Preferably clean from the previous day so that it has better texture, making  it easier to work with and your hairstyle will last longer. Please avoid the use of shine drops, heavy conditioners and/or treatments as these shorten your hairstyle's duration.


A blowout is highly recommended the day before if you hair is curly. If your hair is straight or lightly wavy you can bring it naturally dry, preferably without frizz. A blowout is not included in any of our hairstyling services (such as bridal or non-bridal appointments).


If hair is damp, you will run the risk of not receiving  service or a blowdry fee will be added to your service!

Wear a blouse you can easily unbutton so you won't ruin your makeup and hairstyle. 


Bring with you images of the desired hairstyle. Images will be used as a guideline, to better understand the desired style, remember you have to take into account your type of hair, length, color, age and personality.

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